Sea States, a new documentary film on the importance of the shipping industry is currently under production by Third Wave Films.  Endorsed by the Connecticut Maritime Association, and the Marine Industry Foundation, the film is being funded by key stakeholders in the maritime community.


Sea States will show how shipping is the life blood of our global economy. Despite the fact 90% of all consumables arrive by ship, the public remains unaware of the value of this hidden, yet massive industry. Sea States will outline shipping’s rich heritage, its commitment to a clean environment, and its adaptation of new technologies for the future.


For the film’s producer, Tom Garber, this is his 13th maritime documentary. His previous award-winning films have been about commercial fishing, tugboats, boatbuilders, and the Coast Guard. Story consultants for Sea States include Jim Lawrence of Marine Money, Joseph Gross from d'Amico Shipping, and Chris Aversano of Regulus Ocean Consultants.


Mr. Garber and his crew are currently shooting in Asia, Europe, and North America for Sea States. The finished film will be an hour long and is expected to be released in Spring 2019. For additional information please contact or visit .

Statement from Producer, Tom Garber

“Through research for my other maritime films, I’ve cultivated a great respect for the under-appreciated shipping industry. About a year ago I became aware of a French film that sensationalized misrepresentations of the shipping industry. It seemed to me a cheap shot. After some research I found it was the only film available on the shipping industry. With the idea of creating a more balanced film, I reached out to the Connecticut Maritime Association, whom I worked with on my, Tugging Through Time: The History of New York Tugboats, film.  They agreed a documentary was needed that represented the industry in a positive light.  Over the course of several months we developed a script that shows how vital shipping is to the global economy, its rich history, ecological initiatives, and plans for future technologies.”


“We have reached out to a coalition of stakeholders in the industry for funding.  The initial response has been very positive, though we are still securing a few key sponsorship positions. The shipping industry is a close-knit group of international contacts who care deeply about their industry.  It is my job to see that their story gets told.”

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